At Apex Technology we have a team of highly skilled and experience search specialists who are driven by their desire to helping you build and maintain your competitive edge. We aim to deliver unique and highly skilled individuals, “heavyweight” key players, where and when you need them.

Over the years we have worked in partnership with a wide variety of clients; from small and medium sized companies to globally established firms within our technical practice industries. Our success has largely been predicated on our positive market reputation and track record of delivering effective, rapid solutions for our clients.


  • Full-Time + Contract Contingent Recruitment
  • Retained & Managed Service Programs
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Position/Job Description Definition
  • Technical Skills Testing
  • Cultural Fit Profiling
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Utilized by the majority of companies we work with, Retained Recruitment Solutions often have the most impact if the talent you wish to access is not readily available in the market. This service entails two major completion/payment milestones: 1) At initial search start agreement 2) At offer and acceptance by the candidate, this means we deliver:

  • In the first week of search, we speak to all necessary decision makers involved in finding & hiring the perfect candidate. We then complete a needs analysis profile for the required skillset, create and agree on a timeline outlining key stages of the recruitment process i.e. Shortlist Submission, Interview Dates & Formats, Skill-Testing Requirements, indicative previous employers, etc…
  • We conduct weekly progress update calls to keep you looped in on the efforts of the search and update both sides on interview dates. Generally we interact with 50-400 candidates for a position depending on the difficulty of search e.g. Location, Experience Level, Skillset, Salary Guidance.
  • A large part of our process is preparing our clients for interviews, our shortlists typically list out any deviations from the ideal candidate profile defined in the beginning of the search process. Upon shortlisting, we highlight all the main areas of search in terms of skills, experience & personal attributes.
  • We take care of negotiation facilitation in the search process, this ensures that there are no surprises for anyone & you can focus on finding the talent you need to drive your business forward.
  • During the candidate notice period we stay in contact with selected prospects to make sure there are no hiccups along the way and when further meetings are necessary from you to protect against counter-offers
  • Once the search has concluded we will meet you and present our post-search report, including key data in relation to market perception, salary information, etc… We also complete a customer survey in order to drive continuous improvement.
Well suited for more junior roles or if we’ve pre-identified a candidate who would make a great impact from our bench. On occasion contingent search solutions may be suitable for when there is no head count approval but a talented candidate is perfect for helping achieve business goals and objectives.

In either case our free is payable only once an offer is accepted by the candidate. If we run a contingent search offer we will:

  • Complete a hiring needs analysis with source information from key decision makers
  • Approach our hotlist/bench of potential candidates we’ve prequalified in order to ask them key questions in relation to your role
  • We then submit suitable candidates, with supporting synopses and mutually agreed suitable interview times
  • We facilitate all salary negotitations ensuring that no one has any surprises, our clients enjoy the peace of mind of evaluating candidates on the skills they care about, not worry about
  • If at the conclusion of the search there are no profiles to be considered we sit down with the client and discuss the reason for the shortage, maybe a scarcity of skills, location of the role, salary and benefits and complexity of the role.
Occasionally, businesses require a project delivered or an internal move creates the need for a highly talented individual to be added to the team on a 6-12 month basis, we offer this type of talent directly from your local marketplace.

Contractors are typically seasoned professionals with many years of demonstrable niche-specific experience. Generally, they would have delivered on key enterprise projects that have had a definable and significant impact on business goals and outcomes. However, they may be best suited to lay a great foundation of work for you to take over.

This candidate can either be employed by you directly, with a finder’s fee or employed by us and you pay us a weekly or monthly fee.

Testing and profiling are examples of the wide variety of tools we have in place. Some of these tests include but are not limited to:

  • Personality Evaluation
  • Coding/Technical Evaluation
  • Sales Ability
  • Management Ability
  • Team Skill Screening
  • Profiling for Managers

Profiling is typically done via a third party organization with verifiable results, we work with many reputable organizations such as CodeEval, SHL, SPQ, Drake, Caliper and Crystal. Profiling can serve as a great decision making kicker but is recommended to be a support and not the basis of a hiring decision.

Our Clients Enjoy:

  • +10% improvement in project creation times
  • +15% gain in direct labor cost savings
  • +25% increase in number of interviews to actual hires
  • Talented teams, hand selected to work well together
  • Flexible hire options allow offsetting project creation risk
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